Advanced Clinical Skills - Online Course


A very warm welcome to our Advanced Clinical Skills course for Nurses. This course is suitable for Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Prescribers, Practice Nurses and Advanced Nurse Practitioners. It can be used as a stand-alone course or as an adjunct to a Nurse Prescribing course, clinical skills module or Nurse Practitioner Courses.

The aim of this course is to provide Registered Practitioners with the building blocks for safe and effective clinical assessment of patients in all healthcare settings  . Prescribing will also be discussed in the context of range of clinical conditions.

This course has two distinct but interrelated and interdependent elements. The first being the online learning resources that are to follow and secondly, a competency framework that needs to be completed in clinical practice. Both elements have a clear focus on high quality and safe clinical practice and are based on relevant evidence based clinical policies, guidelines and best practice.

The course content uses a variety of teaching methods to ensure that the lessons are interesting and relevant to clinical practice. You will find unique expert video presentations and relevant key resources. These learning material are essential in meeting the learning outcomes and for completing the competence framework.

For NMC Revalidation the course is equivalent to a minimum of 14 hours online CPD plus hours to complete competencies in practice.

At the end of the online element of the course you will be asked to complete a quiz and an evaluation form. A certificate of completion will then be forwarded to you. You will then need to complete the competency framework with the support of a competent mentor/supervisor or colleagues within clinical practice. You are encourage to include both the certificate, learning outcomes and the completed competency framework within your professional portfolio and your work based appraisal process as evidence of your continuing professional development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the drivers that have contributed to the development of advanced clinical practice.
  • Understanding of regulation and need for competencies.
  • Discussion of different strategies and content for history-taking depending on healthcare setting.
  • Have the ability to conduct a general examination and assess observations using the NEWS2 score parameters.
  • Be able to assess and diagnose a wide range of skin conditions and discuss possible treatment regimes.
  • Be able to conduct a cardiovascular examination relevant to clinical practice. Can recognise a heart murmur, three heart sounds and be able to measure a Jugular Venous Pressure.
  • Understand the reasons for both unilateral and bilateral ankle swelling.
  • Be able to perform a comprehensive respiratory examination. Can explain the added sounds and possible causes.
  • Understand the differences between asthma and COPD. Have some understanding of treatment.
  • Have the ability to conduct an abdominal examination and understand the common presentations partcurly in the elderly. 
  • Understand the presentations of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Able to conduct an examination of the thyroid gland.
  • Be able to perform a screening neurological examination which will be relevant to clinical practice.
  • Be able to perform a basic locomotor examination.
  • Have the ability to document findings relevant to the practitioners own clinical practice i.e. Emis Web, hospital profoma.

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Advanced Clinical Assessment Online Course