Healthcare Assistant in the Hospital Setting - Online Course


Welcome to our Healthcare Assistant in the Hospital Setting Course. Healthcare Assistants are an integral part of the hospital workforce. They provide much of the hands-on care required for patients. This course teaches the necessary skills so that the Healthcare Assistant can be confident that they can be an effective member of the clinical team. Course includes delegation, observations, NEWS 2 scoring, Fluid balance, ECG recording & checklist.

The aim of this course is to provide Support Worker/Healthcare Assistants the building blocks for safe and evidenced-based practice in the hospital setting. This course has two distinct but interrelated and interdependant elements. The first been the on - line learning resources that are to follow and secondly, a competency framework that needs to be completed in clinical practice. Both elements have a clear focus high quality and safe clinical practice and are based on relevant evidence based clinical policies, guidelines and best practice.

The course content uses a variety of teaching methods to ensure that the lessons are interesting and relevant to clinical practice. You will find unique expert video presentations and relevant key resources. These learning material are essential in meeting the learning outcomes and for completing the competence framework.

The course is equivalent to 11 hours of online continuing personal development plus hours in clinical practice to develop competencies.

At the end of the online element of the course you will be asked to complete a quiz and an evaluation form. A certificate of completion will then be forwarded to you. You will then need to complete the competency framework with the support of a mentor/supervisor or competent colleagues within clinical practice. You are encourage to include both the certificate, learning outcomes and the completed competency framework within your professional portfolio and your work based appraisal process as evidence of your continuing professional development.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and wish it was around when I first started as a HCA!  I think it would
be really helpful and will do really well. 
Thank you." 

Anna, Healthcare Assistant.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the development of the HCA role in the Hospital Setting. Can explain the drivers, understands the process of delegation and the RCN first steps.
  • Understands the importance of the specialised knowledge and skill-set required for hospital practice and how this differs from community care.
  • An understanding how lifestyle can affect health and outcomes. Understands the role of Healthcare Assistant with regard to the public health agenda.
  • Is able to record observations and calculate a NEWS 2 score and document this on the appropriate chart. Understands when to report to the Registered Practitioner.
  • Able to record fluid balance accurately by measuring fluid intake and output.
  • Can provide evidenced-based care to patients with urinary catheters
  • Able to record an ECG effectively so that the results can be interpreted easily. 
  • Understands how to apply a basic checklist to an ECG so that abnormalities can be reported to the Registered Practitioner.

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HCA Hospital Online Course