Safeguarding Adults at Risk


Unlock the essential knowledge and skills needed to protect and support adults at risk within our communities. Our one-day Safeguarding Adults course provides a deep dive into the core principles of safeguarding, empowering you to recognise signs of abuse, navigate the legal landscape, and foster safe environments for adults in need.

Gain the confidence to take action and make a positive impact on the lives of those most at risk. Join us for this intensive, knowledge-packed day, and together, we'll create a safer, more inclusive world for adults at risk.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key principles and importance of safeguarding adults at risk.

  • Recognise Signs of Abuse: Learn to identify the subtle signs and indicators of abuse, neglect, and exploitation in adult populations.

  • Legal Framework: Navigate the legal framework and obligations surrounding adult safeguarding, including reporting procedures.

  • Effective Reporting: Develop the skills and knowledge needed to report safeguarding concerns and work collaboratively with relevant agencies.

  • Preventive Measures: Explore strategies and best practices for preventing abuse and promoting the well-being of adults at risk.

  • Person-Centered Approach: Embrace a person-centred perspective and understand the unique needs and challenges faced by adults at risk.

  • Practical Application: Apply your learning through real-life case studies and scenarios, gaining valuable knowledge.

  • Self-Assessment and Growth: Reflect on your knowledge and plan for continuous personal and professional development in safeguarding adults.

Join us for this intensive Safeguarding Adults course and become a dedicated advocate for the safety and dignity of adults at risk in our communities. Together, we'll make strides towards a more secure and inclusive world for all adults in need.

For more information please contact Katie Wainwright at:

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