Virtual Courses

Expertly designed and presented

Virtual learning offers a very exciting and engaging way to learn. It provides learners with the opportunity to have a face to face experience with a subject expert from any location worldwide.

Our virtual courses are fun, motivational and cost effective, we use a range of ways to get learners involved, seeking to mirror the sharing and participatory benefits of an ‘in person’ experience.

Our virtual courses are supported with a wide range of learning materials including learning outcomes, worksheets, key documents and competencies.

All of our courses can be utilised for professional body revalidation requirements, continuing professional/personal development or as an adjunct to academic study.

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Introduction to our programmes

Learn more about our virtual courses and how key educational elements and clinical expertise are blended together to inspire and engage. Discover more about our unique approach and at the same time learn a little more about Bundle Branch Block.


Zoom is a simple and straightforward way to join one of our courses. With the highest video and audio quality, learning with others feels just like you are in the same room. Feature-rich and simple-to-use, Zoom mobile and desktop apps bring the whole learning experience together with bespoke expert presentations, learning resources and group discussions. Learn more about Zoom at;



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