Our Exclusive CPD Modules


 join one of our highly interactive, engaging and fun classes. 


after your class you will have access to professional learning materials hosted on a unique educational portal for 3 months.


with the support of a mentor complete your clinical competencies, translating learning into improvements in patient care.

Benefits for Organisations

  • Cost effective blended learning opportunities.
  • Can be delivered at a time that is most convenient for individual services.
  • Supports service improvement, workforce development and transformational change.
  • Helps compliance with organisational policy and meeting of service objectives.
  • Supports compliance with CQC requirements. 

Benefits for Staff

  • Blended approach appeals to a wide range of learning styles.
  • Links the evidence base and key guidelines to clinical practice.
  • Classes are engaging, personalised, inspiring and fun.
  • There is a focus on meeting the learning needs of individuals.
  • Contributes to the CPD requirements of NMC Revalidation.
  • Attendees can learn at a pace and time that best meets their individual needs.
  • Convenient and flexible 3 month access to a unique learning platform that includes bespoke learning materials.

Benefits for Patients and Clients

  • Promotes patient/client safely.
  • Supports evidence based and clinically effective practice.
  • Focus on individualised care.
  • Promotes better patient/client outcomes.
  • Improved patient/client experience.