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Neurological Assessment

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In this lesson there is no video presentation from us. What we have done is to provide a summary which want you to read a couple of times and then watch the helpful video below to see if you can recognise which parts of the neurological system are being tested. The hand-out contains some of my reminder notes when I was studying for my MSc. The Neurological system is complicated one both in theory and practice. However we feel you need a screening tool as the one suggested which may help you to understand better who needs a referral to a senior colleague, consultant and or perhaps for a scan. In reality our experience of Neurological assessment within nursing teams is that it is  rarely done and most practitioners simply check observations, conscious level, pupils, facial asymmetry and ability to move all limbs therefore Glasgow Coma Scale.

It is important to understand the cranial nerves i.e. the ones that emerge from the brain, upper motor neurone from the central nervous system and the lower motor neurone from the spinal cord. The system is best understand by dividing under the following headings.

  • General cerebral functions.
  • Cranial nerves.
  • Sensory.
  • Motor system.
  • Reflexes

If this subject is new to you if can be difficult to get you head round it. Give yourself some time to do this. Let us know how you feel about neurological assessment and if you want more detail we will be happy to add.

Bells Palsy


4 minute Neurological Screen

Neurological Assessment
Neurological Assessment Summary.pdf
Powerpoint slides
Neuro & Locomotor.pdf


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